World Fair Trade Day

STEVIA GROUP supports the FAIR TRADE Initiative World Fair Trade Day

Every year the World Fair Trade Day takes place. The World Fair Trade Day (WFTDay) is an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and is supported by thousands of citizens.

Fair trade organizations, social and environmental movements, producers and consumers all over the world have been advocating for decades for fair trade. The World Fair Trade Organization is the global network of fair trade organizations around the world, from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America, and the Pacific. It represents more than 350 fair trade organizations from more than 70 countries.

The mission of the WFTO is to strengthen and support small producers. On the occasion of World Fair Trade Day (WFTDay) events are organized by hundreds of different fair trade organizations and fair trade producers and consumers. They should make us aware of the social and environmental movements and provide for more support and fair trade as well as a fair trading in the trade with farmers and small producers.

"Fair trade is the foundation of our business, and that is why we support the WFTO initiative. By buying fair trade products, every consumer can make a concrete contribution to a fair partnership with the families of farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America Choosing fairtrade products contributes to the existence of and the development in the poor regions of the world, " says CEO Michael Tietz of the STEVIA GROUP on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day.

Fair Trade does effective work to combat child labor. It enables children to gain better prospects and living conditions and is directed against the worst forms of exploitation of children in the area of ​​children’s prostitution and the use of war by children.

"I am pleased to contribute to combating poverty, hunger and injustice. With fair trade, we have a very collaborative and successful relationship with our producers and farmer cooperatives around the world. The STEVIA GROUP will continue to promote the fair-trade spirit and contribute to fairly traded products. " said the CEO Michael Tietz.