Stevia extract Rebaudioside A is a high-intensity sweetener

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Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A is a High-Intensity Sweetener

STEVIA GROUP supplies B2B companies throughout Europe with natural sweetener raw materials in granule, tablet, powder and liquid form. We source our raw materials and products worldwide from our partners in Europe, Japan, China, USA and Brazil. You can obtain our high-quality stevia raw materials in small and large quantities.

Properties / Raw Material Qualities

Rebaudioside A is a steviol glycoside which occurs in the leaves of Stevia plants. Mainly the sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana contains the sweetener mixture Stevioside. Depending on the growing region and the plant variety, seven to ten other sweet steviol glycosides may be present. The product obtained from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni are concentrated Steviol glycosides.

Rebaudioside A in particular is especially popular because of its purest, sweetest taste. It can be used extremely sparingly as a sweetener for food and beverages because of its high sweetening power.

Other relatively well-known Steviosides are Rebaudioside-B, Rebaudioside-C, Rebaudioside-D, Rebaudioside-F, Rebaudioside M, Dulcoside-A, Rubusoside and Steviolbioside.

Properties of steviol glycosides

E-Number: E960

CAS number:
Stevioside: 57817-89-7
Rebaudioside A: 58543-16-1

Chemical formula:
Stevioside: C38H60O18
Rebaudioside A: C44H70O23

  • High sweetening power, no calories
  • Steviol glycosides have good stability in acids or bases as well as high heat resistance.
  • There is no change in chemical structure and sweetness in the pH range of 3-9 at 100°C for 60 minutes.

The positive taste properties of Rebaudioside-A are particularly noteworthy. It is the sweetest and at the same time least bitter glycoside. Therefore, a high content of this substance is desirable in Stevia products. Currently, a purity of 98% represents the highest possible concentration of rebaudioside A in Stevia products.

The best sensory properties of extracts made from Stevia leaves are rebaudioside-A, rebaudioside-D and rebaudioside-M. The relative sweetness depends heavily on the amount used. In the case of rebaudioside A, this is 125 to 450 times the sweetening power as sugar equivalents.

EU Regulation 1131/2011 defines a “Steviol Equivalent” for the different composition of Stevia extracts. This allows the maximum permissible levels to be calculated for each steviol glycoside. Only then can the product development of the respective steviol glycoside extract and the amount of extract used to be compared.

Steviol glycosides with a Rebaudioside A content of 95% or 98% have a good beneficial sweetness profile and sweetness of high intensity sweeteners. They provide a good foundation for product development in the food and beverage industry.

We can offer you the following product specifications (JECFA) white powder or granules:

Reb-A 25Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside A 25%
Reb-A 40Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside A 40%
Reb-A 60Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside A 60%
Reb-A 80Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside A 80%
Reb-A 95Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside A 95%
Reb-A 97Steviol glycosides 97%, Rebaudioside A 97%
Reb-A 98Steviol glycosides 98%, Rebaudioside A 98%
Reb-A 99Steviol glycosides 99%, Rebaudioside A 99%
Reb-D 95Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside D 95%
Reb-D 99Steviol glycosides 99%, Rebaudioside D 99%
Reb-M 85Steviol glycosides 95%, Rebaudioside M 85%
Reb-M 95Steviol glycosides 97%, Rebaudioside M 95%

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