Stevia Tabletten sind ideal zum Süßen Ihrer heißen Getränke geeignet

Stevia Sweetener Tablets

The special formulations of our Stevia sweetener tablets are ideal for low-calorie sweetening of coffee and tea.

With steviapura® Stevia tablets containing the sweetener steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant, it is possible to enjoy cold and hot drinks with the usual sweetness without adding calories.

Stevia sweetener tablets is a tablet sweetener based on steviol glycosides. The sweetening power of a sweetener tablet is equivalent to that of a lump of sugar. This means you can achieve the sweetness you are used to easily and without sugar. By nature, steviapura® Stevia sweetener tablets are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

Der handliche, praktische Spender enthält 300 Tabletten und ist so praktisch für Unterwegs und schick auf dem Esstisch.

The handy dispenser contains 300 tablets, making it practical for on the go and on the dining table.

Stevia Süßstofftabletten und Stevia Blätter.

Stevia Sweetener Tablets and Stevia Leaves.

Information about the product

Originally from South America, the Stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana) has been used there for generations to sweeten food and drinks and is therefore also known as “honey herb”.

The steviapura® sweeteners were developed on the basis of the steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant. They are pleasantly sweet, calorie-free and ideal for hot drinks such as coffee or tea. The pure Stevia extract is up to 450 times sweeter than sugar and, due to our formulations, can be dosed like normal sugar.

Exact product name:

Table sweetener based on steviol glycosides.

Product description:

  • 0 kcal per tablet
  • Sweetener with steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant
  • Free from lactose and flavourings

Product properties:

Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Without flavourings, Without colourings, Vegetarian

Storage instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place.

Directions for use:

1 tablet (60 mg) ≙ 1 tsp sugar (5g)

Sweet and practical.

The practical sweetener dispenser sweetens your coffee or tea break without putting too much strain on your calorie account. The easy-to-dose dispenser allows you to get the perfect sweetness with just one tablet. Enjoy the usual sweet taste of your drinks without sugar.

The handy dispenser not only allows for easy dosing, its size makes it great for on-the-go.

Der handliche Spender ermöglicht nicht nur eine einfache Dosierung, er eignet sich aufgrund seiner Größe auch hervorragend für unterwegs.

The handy dispenser not only allows for easy dosing,
its size also makes it ideal for on-the-go use.

Neben den Dosierspendern, bieten wir die Stevia Tabletten auch als Nachfüllpackung in verschiedenen Größen an. Dies schont die Umwelt, da unsere Dosierspender sehr leicht nachfüllbar sind.

In addition to the dosing dispensers, we also offer the Stevia tablets as refill packs in different sizes. This is good for the environment because our dosing dispensers are very easy to refill.

Worth knowing:

You save about 20 calories for every teaspoon of sugar you replace with a Stevia tablet. This is equivalent to about 4.2kg of fat tissue per year, based on four cups of coffee per day.

Stevia tablets are easily soluble, especially in hot drinks such as coffee or tea. However, the tablets can also be used in other drinks. So, you can enjoy the delicious sweet taste of your drinks without a guilty conscience. With the Stevia tablets, you have the possibility to sweeten your drinks anytime and anywhere, without any calories. So, you can enjoy without having to watch your body weight.