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Private Label

Competence Compact

As a competent partner for private label brands, we offer retailers in the tabletop sweetener segment everything from one source.

Our know-how in the trade mark sector and the requirements of trade at home and abroad have made us a sought-after partner for herbal sweeteners. The professional approach and the profound knowledge in the production, distribution and the various sales markets, which are very specific and individual, make our range of services for the private label segment interesting.

STEVIA GROUP knows the expectations that consumers place on an innovative sweetener today.

From professional product development, quality production, design to distribution, we offer tailor-made solutions for your new product ideas.

Low Calorie Private Label Sweeteners

Low-calorie Sweeteners are often seen and used as a substitute for sugar. Substituting sweeteners for sugar can give you the same sweetness, but without the calories that sugar intake usually brings. Moreover, they are gluten-free, vegan available, and lactose-free. Stevia Group sweeteners solutions support the choice of a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy your sweet life!

Private Label Sweetener Supplier and Manufacturer

Stevia Group provides private label sweeteners to retailers worldwide. With more than 11 years of experience in the sweetener industry, we can offer safe formulas of Stevia based sweeteners. As a leading sweetener supplier, we can help you to develop and manufacturer your brand for target customers with suitable products for your market. You can use a variety of convenient packaging solutions, formats and custom designs are as well available.

Supplier of Stevia Sweeteners

Our stevia-based recipe satisfies the sweetness of consumers while keeping calories low. We only use high-quality Stevia extract with a neutral taste to get the best sweetness experience. In addition to our innovative sweetening solutions, the steviapura® natural sweetener range based on Stevia also provide a private label service for uniquely labelled Erythritol and Stevia recipes.

You can meet various sweetness needs for baking, cooking, seasoning or any other sweetening purpose. A great number of consumers cannot distinguish the taste of our sweeteners from ordinary sugars. Due to the lack of calories and impact on the body a guilt free sweet taste. Delicious sweet products are available in these variations:

A variety of options include powder sticks, containers, jars, bottled liquids and easy-to-use tablet dispensers. Multi-purpose liquid sweetener, available in 30ml up to 1000ml bottles, with convenient caps to achieve the best dosage, powder sweeteners and sweetener tablets for hot or cold drinks.

Our Stevia-based recipe is keeping calories low and satisfies the sweetness of consumers. To achieve the best sweetness experience we only use high-quality Stevia Extract with a neutral taste.

Private Label Sweeteners

We can provide you with our extensive expertise in launching your own sweetener brand products or private labels. You can order a series of the most versatile formats with delicious recipes directly for sale in your retail stores or your distribution networks. Feel free to contact us to discuss your sweetener range needs. We are happy to help you finding the optimal solution to meet your sweetening needs.

Innovative Packaging Design

Image, price or in terms of attributes, your brand needs to compete in the market. The initial concept to product includes packaging production and a flexible approach to your needs according to your distribution and sales channels. Thanks to our people the internal packaging production can react fast and flexible to your private brand requirements.

Providing the agility and the highest level of quality regarding the most advanced packaging design, tailor-made recipes, tablet dispensers and trays of 6/12 or more units is easy to create.

We can offer you new solutions from one hand to make and built your private label brand tailored to your needs at an affordable cost. Drugstores, hypermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, importers and exporters are long-term partners. We are confident to have unique product lines for all types of retail businesses that suits you needs.

Original Recipe

Whether you have special flavours designed for you or choose from our standard recipe’s portfolio with premium brand quality. To satisfy your customers we are committed to innovation and offer solutions. Produced, processed and shipped to the highest quality standards, you will be satisfied of your private label sweeteners or your own brand. Let your customers enjoy their sweet life.

steviapura® Sweetener

Is one of the leading brands of Stevia based sweeteners. Worldwide we offer a variety of choices to enjoy the natural sweetness as part of a healthy lifestyle. A delicious substitute for sugar. Our low-calorie sweeteners do not contain artificial sweeteners, dextrose, maltodextrin, sucralose, lactose, is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Ideal for health-conscious consumers.