Supplier management

Supplier selection as the basis for good products and services.

Our suppliers are an essential element in the success of the Stevia Group. They are important partners in the procurement of raw materials. Our aim is to work in partnership only with those suppliers who are only the best and most capable.

This partnership and the purchasing strategies of the Stevia Group ensure product safety. We attach great importance to ensuring that suppliers adhere to the same principles of business conduct as we do. This includes responsible supply chain management and also corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To ensure consistently high quality raw materials, Stevia Group only works with selected, long-term trading partners. In order to continuously improve the quality of our raw materials, we regularly check on site that our quality standards will continue to be met in the future.

The components of supplier management at the Stevia Group:

  1. Supplier preselection
  2. Supplier approval
  3. Supplier evaluation
  4. Supplier development

We regularly evaluate the performance of active suppliers. The supplier assessment is based on these fair criteria such as quality, costs, cooperation, innovation and sustainability.

Our goal is to systematically and continuously develop suppliers through jointly agreed measures.

In order to continuously improve the quality of our raw materials, we build on long-standing business relationships based on trust.