The production of high-quality Stevia sweeteners


Many years of experience combined with the latest technology

For years, the Stevia Group has clearly demonstrated that tradition and innovation can be perfectly combined with the latest technology. This is also highly appreciated by our customers worldwide. Our know-how in the processing of plant-based raw materials helps us to adapt the various production processes individually and implement them as effectively as possible. For example, we use countercurrent for the extraction in addition to classic extraction of our raw materials as well as different drying processes. In this way, we ensure that the valuable ingredients of the plant are processed as gently as possible.

Stevia and Erythritol are excellent sweeteners. Thanks to the latest processes, both sweeteners can be produced not only cost-effectively but also efficiently and sustainably. The ingredients are sufficiently available and above all renewable. The result is a natural product that is also suitable for a diabetic diet and does not alter the taste of food when dosed correctly.