Professional competence that we value

A large number of associations have the aim and purpose of providing information regarding research in the field of sweeteners. The publication of research results and the provision of information to the public on sweeteners, sweetener preparations, table-top sweeteners and sugar substitutes are the main focus of this association’s work.

They provide consumers with interesting information and assistance on a wide range of sweeteners and healthy nutrition. This includes dieticians, nutritionists, educators and representatives of nutrition-oriented professions.

Research and science

On the scientific side, you provide an interface to research and science. The latest news from research into low-calorie and calorie-free sweeteners for their safety as well as the benefits in the areas of healthy nutrition, diabetes, weight management and oral hygiene.

Politics and economy

The associations define the function as the strategic management of decision-making processes at the interface between politics, business and society. This includes the preparation of statements on scientific discussions on dietetics, preventive health care and food additives for the Federal Ministries and the European Commission (EFSA).

Public relations and consumer advice

Further fields of activity of these institutions are public relations and consumer advice.

Consumers can find up-to-date information, scientific discussions on a wide range of nutrition, sweeteners, dietetics and diabetes: