Social Commitment

Social responsibility at the Stevia Group

Giving something back to the environment, treating people with respect and dignity. Offer the best stevia raw materials in the world. These are our guiding principles that we believe in and that we implement every day. Social responsibility at the STEVIA GROUP runs through all divisions.

The commitment we have made is to operate our business in a socially responsible manner that includes the sustainable stevia cultivation and environmental protection. Fair and equitable trade, which gives farmers and their families a good life, are essential parts of our actions.

Responsible Stevia production

Our relationship with Stevia farmers: Delivering quality Stevia means much more than just selecting the best raw materials available on the market. STEVIA GROUP strongly believes it is important to build relationships with the Stevia farmers that benefit both sides. The success of the farmers with whom we trade is an integral part of our own success.
Paying fair prices to help Stevia farmers make a profit and thus support their families. But also, so that the farmers can invest in their plantation and their future success.