Natural sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners & Sugar Alternatives

For various reasons, consumers are increasingly abandoning the use of sugar. They prefer a plant-based sugar substitute rather than a synthetic chemical sweetener.

A great advantage of many calorie-free, natural sweeteners is that they still contain valuable minerals, secondary plant substances and trace elements.

Many diseases, tooth decay and obesity are caused by sugar. Therefore, it is important to adapt your sugar consumption to your lifestyle and in addition to adequate exercise sport and to pay attention to a balanced diet.

Sugar substitutes: These healthier sweeteners have it all

Here we present you sweeteners of plant-based origin as sugar alternatives. Stevia and Erythritol are sweeteners of plant origin as sugar substitutes.

There are numerous sugar alternatives to replace household sugar or refined granulated sugar with natural, plant-based sweeteners. These sugar substitutes are much healthier because they contain fibre, pure carbohydrates as well as minerals and vitamins.

Here you can find out how to use natural sweeteners. Not every sweetener is suitable for every application. Some do not dissolve in drinks and not everyone is suitable for baking. Which healthy sugar substitute you choose depends on the desired use.