The sweet ingredients of the stevia plant.

The sweet ingredients of the Stevia Plant

Ingredients of Stevia

The particular sweetness of the leaf is mainly due to the so-called rebaudioside A. However, the leaf of the Stevia plant also contains ingredients that can cause a bitter aftertaste in the taste cells.

The leaves of the stevia plant contain more than 100 secondary plant substances (phytochemicals), mainly from the group of terpenes and flavonoids. 8 of these secondary plant substances (phytochemicals), which are called glycosides, are responsible for the sweetening properties of the stevia leaves.

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Stevioside is one of these 8 phytochemicals. Depending on the variety, the plant contains between 6-18% stevioside. From a chemical point of view, rebaudioside A belongs to the steviol glycosides. From a chemical point of view, rebaudioside A belongs to the steviol glycosides. These are special components of Stevia rebaudiana, which belong to the diterpenes. These secondary carbon compounds are also found in numerous other life forms. Other special components of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni are rebaudioside C, D and E, stevioside and the so-called dulcoside A.

The proportions of the respective ingredients depend on the growth conditions and above all on the location of the plant. In general, however, it can be said that the steviosides are the largest component of the leaves with a total weight share of between 6-18%. Rebaudioside A takes second place with about 2-4%, followed by Rebaudioside C with about 1-2%.

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Does Stevia contain calories?

Even though glycosides are so-called carbon compounds in which sugar molecules are linked to alcohol, 100mg of steviol glycosides contain only about 0.5 calories. To achieve a comparable sweetness, you would need about 30g of sugar (125 kcal). The reason for this small amount of calories is that the sugar contained in the steviol glycosides is not broken down by the digestive tract, but is removed directly.

Although carbohydrates are also absorbed when consuming Stevia, the energy balance remains unaffected. This is due to the indigestible molecular structure of the carbohydrates.

Industrially manufactured Stevia products may contain energy carriers or fillers. In most cases, however, the amounts are very small so that even diabetics can neglect them in terms of calories.

Does Stevia contain oil or protein?

The leaf green of the freshly dried Stevia plant contains other ingredients that are very useful to consumers. These include oils, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids.

Does Stevia contain vital substances?

Which components are among the most important vital substances in the Stevia plant?

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Mineral ingredients

Certain ingredients of the stevia plant can be important in the formation of blood and bones and for the general health of the cardiovascular system. The immune system can also be supported by the following ingredients:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus

and others

Trace elements

Various trace elements of Stevia can be important for the build-up and breakdown of energy carriers, parts of the digestive tract and for the utilisation of oxygen.
These include above all:

  • Chromium
  • Manganese
  • Silicon
  • Cobalt
  • the cofactors zinc and selenium

and other trace elements

Stevia contains the three vitamins C, beta-carotene and B1. They play an important role especially for the immune system as well as the visual and nervous functions.

What other ingredients does Stevia have?

Stevia contains flavonoids. They are good for supporting the human immune system. Among the flavonoids is the compound rutin. The latter is important in the treatment of circulatory disorders and venous diseases.