Product and Consumer Research

When your customers are satisfied, it ensures repeat purchases and increases customer loyalty.

Consumers ask us many questions, both nationally and internationally. Only when customer wishes and needs are met do valuable customer relationships develop.

Quality and taste are the success factors that have made our products so popular.

Stevia Group follows the highest standards in product and consumer research. For your new product to be a success in the marketplace, sensory science is critical to new product development.

The taste experience must excite and meet consumer expectations. The product concept and packaging must be optimally coordinated, thus increasing the market opportunities of your brand.

To meet consumer expectations in your brand and product, ideal sensory, taste and usage is crucial. Meet consumer expectations!

With our sweeteners, we offer the food and beverage industry sweeteners for your product success.

The products are developed in close cooperation with users and consumers. This enables us to recognise nutritional trends quickly and to develop sweetener formulations that lead to innovative products and meet consumer demands. The end result is always a quality product from the STEVIA GROUP.