Our values

As a family business, our corporate culture is based on guiding principles that shape our actions and strategy. Creating sustainable value is the corporate purpose that unites everyone at Stevia Group.

We take responsibility for our employees, consumers, customers, brands, society and our environment. We strive for clarity and consistency, focus on the essentials, and make decisions quickly and pragmatically.

We treat others with respect, keep our promises and say what we mean.

For over 10 years, they have been the basis for our development. We are convinced that they will continue to form the basis for our sustainable growth in the future. Our values reflect that even beyond legal requirements and regulations, we promote ethically responsible behaviour in our business.


Our ethical and moral integrity shapes not only the services we provide, but also the way we interact with our clients and the way we work as a whole. This integrity forms an important element, not only for the relationships within the company but also for those with our clients. Direct and open action is essential to earn the trust of our clients.


A sustainable company like us takes responsibility. This means that we always stand up for our business and personal actions. It is our will to make a difference. To do this, we also consider the impact on our environment and the work itself.

Diversity and respect

Our clients have great trust in us. They always rely on our skills and expertise. For us, the employees of our company are considered our greatest strength. It is part of our self-image to show respect for our fellow human beings and their achievements. We believe that new perspectives can enrich a company. For this reason, we value the differences and diversity of our society.

First class quality

The quality of our work is our highest priority. Through training of our staff and innovative solutions, we are able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients.