Stevia Group Competence for high-quality plant-based Stevia sweeteners and extracts.

Stevia Group


Combine pleasure and a clear conscience. Our sweeteners are of natural origin. They are obtained from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant.

STEVIA GROUP is an internationally oriented family business for Stevia products, raw materials and natural sweeteners.
For almost 10 years, as an innovative sweetener specialist, especially in Stevia, we offer our experience in product development and private label products.

Worldwide, our customers and consumers appreciate the product quality and the good taste of the plant-based sweetener products.
One of the most important retail brands is steviapura, which replaces sugar and is a natural sweetener for calorie-conscious consumers.

With experience and know-how in the development and production of herbal extracts, we are a trusted partner of the industry and commerce. Benefit from the excellent, natural raw materials from thestevia plant and high-quality products of the strong brand family steviapura.

Through the global STEVIA GROUP network, we work with companies around the world to provide botanical extracts and raw materials to customers in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Whatever you need for Stevia raw materials or Stevia products, we are always a competent partner for you.

The approval of stevia extracts in the EU took place on 11 November 2011.
In the beverage and food industry, many companies are already developing products using Stevia extracts and manufacturing products. Low-calorie products are a guarantee of success for consumers who are increasingly placing value on a health-oriented, sugar-reduced diet.