Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Environmental and nature conservation is a priority at the STEVIA GROUP.

The STEVIA GROUP environmental mission statement commits to protecting the environment in all areas of the company.

This task includes:

  • Responsibility to our environment

  • Developing innovative solutions to bring about improvements and protect the environment and resources.

  • To buy, use and trade only eco-friendly products.

  • Passing on the connections between the environment and economic success.
  • Including all partners in environmental protection.

  • Measures leading to waste prevention.

  • By recycling, we protect and conserve the Earth’s resources, increasing the quality of life for everyone on the planet.

Examples from our company:

To protect forests, we have significantly reduced paper consumption in-house. STEVIA GROUP uses only Webfax, which means that we do not consume paper, because the incoming faxes are not printed out, but digitized immediately as a PDF document.

Further advantages for the environment:

  • No consumption of toner and disposal.

  • No consumption of paper and disposal.

  • No electrical appliances disposal.

  • No power consumption.

We ship CO² Neutral

The STEVIA GROUP dispatch takes place with our logistics service partners DHL and DPD under CO2 neutral conditions. Thereby we make an additional contribution to the protection of our environment.

We drive with LPG!

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), it burns more environmentally friendly than gasoline. Even taking into account the inherent excess consumption, the pollutant emissions are:

  • of nitrogen oxides about 20% of gasoline combustion
  • CO2 emissions decrease by approx. 15%

  • and unburned hydrocarbons by 50%

Please support the global climate protection commitment of the STEVIA GROUP by using our download offer on the internet. So we use less paper and that protects our forests and nature.

STEVIA GROUP – we are responsible!

For our customers, our environment, our children, for all of us.

International Union for Conservation of Nature